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Group pictured left to right (front row): Cole Theobald, Hannah Weng and Brandy Modrow (back row) Bryce Sellner, Andre Fortin, Jared Steiner and Lucas Larson. Also pictured is Bridgit O'Brien.
Mankato Area Public Schools' East High School DECA students earn state recognition

Mankato Area Public Schools' East High School students earned state recognition and an opportunity to advance to compete with 20,000 top students from around the world at the International Career Development Conference.
  • Bridgit O'Brien – first place, employment interview, advanced level
  • Bryce Sellner, Jared Steiner and Cole Theobald – first place, virtual business challenge-sports
  • Hannah Weng – fifth place, apparel and accessories marketing series
  • Andre Fortin, Aaron Marthaler, Stephany Morrow and Bryce Sellner – fifth place, marketing plan
  • Jared Steiner – top 12 finisher, employment interview, advanced level
  • Cole Theobald – seventh place, sports and entertainment marketing operations research; and top 10th percentile, financial literacy exam
  • Luke Drummer – top 10th percentile, business administration core exam
  • Tage Wrage – top 15 finisher, sales demonstration-hard lines
  • Lucas Larson, Andre Fortin and Brandy Modrow – thrive level, membership campaign
Approximately 3,500 Minnesota DECA student members participate in the organization’s competitive events program, allowing them to compete in more than 50 events focused in entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, marketing and other related fields. Competitions are designed to simulate real-life business scenarios and test students’ academic understanding and skills development.