U.S. Bank AccelaPay Visa Card

All Mankato Public School District employees now have the opportunity to deposit all or a portion of their pay directly to an electronic payment card:  The U.S. Bank AccelaPay® Visa® Card.  You do not need a bank account to have your pay deposited to a card.  It’s not a credit card, so no credit check or approval is necessary.
Each payday, Mankato Public School District deposits your pay to your card.  No more waiting in line to get your check cashed or paying expensive check-cashing fees. It is like any other Visa debit card, it can be used to make purchases and withdraw cash anywhere Visa is accepted. 
Need cash? You’ll receive free cash access from either a U.S. Bank ATM or the teller at any financial institution that accepts Visa.  You can also receive cash back with your purchase from many merchants, like supermarkets, without a fee.
Want a cost-effective and convenient way to pay your bills?  Visit the AccelaPay website (www.accelapay.com) and use your card to pay bills online.  You can pay anyone with a valid U.S. mailing address one-time or automatically at regular intervals. 
Already have direct deposit to a bank account?  No problem.  You can still choose to load a portion of your pay to an AccelaPay Visa.  It’s a great way to keep cash for holidays, vacations, birthdays, and day-to-day expenses separate from the rest of your money.
To see the benefits and uses of the AccelaPay Visa Card, check out the video online at: Video

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